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Branch Line School’s per-pupil funding is lower than other local public schools’ funding.  Did you know charter schools cannot receive local millage tax funds?  Your help is crucial in supporting and sustaining our commitment to small class sizes!  Our mission supports a small school atmosphere, with a focus on individualized learning for all children, regardless of their financial means.

Our Parent-Teacher Organization Foundation works to support Branch Line School through fundraising.  Our school fundraising program includes incremental fundraisers, community support programs and community-building events.  We will avoid fundraisers that put an undue burden of time on our families and friends, such as product sales.

Branch Line School would like to avoid borrowing operational funds so that our budget focus can be directed toward teachers and students rather than servicing debt. We have established wish-lists below, as an idea of the items your donation will contribute towards. 

Like most other schools in today’s educational climate, Branch Line School will have to be creative and assertive in raising adequate funds and resources to operate our program.

You can help with financial donations, or by volunteering your time and skills!  Thank you for your support!

 PLEASE Support Branch Line School!

 Branch Line School’s Amazon Wish List:

Here’s how your financial donation can make a difference:

  • 1 Chrome Book (student device; replaces most textbooks): $200
  • 1 Set of Leveled Reading Books: $300
  • 24 Student Dry Erase Boards: $36
  • 1 Month of Student Information System (Required for state reporting): $400
  • 1 Day Professional Development Class from Wayne RESA (for 1 teacher): $80
  • 1 carton of 8.5″ x 11″ copy paper: $60


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